About Us

About us:

Avenue Management was founded in 2019 by actor Alan Mehdizadeh (Kinky Boots (West End), Billy Elliot (West End & Cinema/DVD), Grange Hill (BBC), and more).
The mission of ‘Avenue’ is to create not just a talent agency, but to provide a personal, understanding, proactive ‘home’ for the careers of the artists we proudly represent.

With a deep grounding in the entertainment industry (dating back almost 30 years), Avenue Management understand the concerns and needs of our clients. We know that artists want (and need) an agent who is more than just a business contact. Our aim is to provide each and every one of our clients with a personally tailored and transparent career management plan. We aren’t here to just click boxes and wait for the phone to ring. We are here to maintain an open dialogue with our clients, to understand where they would like their career to go, and to use our knowledge and experience to set out an attainable career path.

Reasons to join Avenue Management:

-Experienced Representation

You will be represented by experienced, dedicated, hardworking industry professionals. Our lead agent has made lifelong contacts in virtually all areas of the business through a varied and successful career, ranging from the West End to TV Commercials, from Shakespeare to Music Videos, from Touring to Pantomime. We also have extensive experience in recruitment, an impressive record-breaking history in sales and have enjoyed huge success in people management. These attributes ensure that you will be represented by someone who not only understands the day-to-day working of the entertainment industry and what it’s like to be an artist in today’s challenging environment but  by someone who also has a firm, provable history in various sectors of business and contract negotiation who is able to ensure that all areas of a client’s career are taken care of in a detailed and efficient manner

-Be an Individual

All our clients are seen as individuals. We realise that with some ‘bigger’ agencies, it’s very easy for a performer to get lost in a sea of headshots and Spotlight profiles, or be passed over for more ‘established’ clients. We consider ourselves to be more of a boutique agency, thus, we will never fill our books with dozens of similar performers. At Avenue Management, we get to know every one of our clients. We know what makes them special, we know what they do, and we will submit you for each and every role you fit. No client will be treated as more important than another, and we will never favour one client over another.

-No Pressure for Low Paid Work

Acting is not your hobby, it’s your livelihood, and it’s ours too. We will never pressure a client to accept a low-pay/no-pay contract unless it’s something they are passionate to do. You need to pay the bills, and we know you can’t pay the rent with “but it was a really good experience, and loads of important people saw it”. You work hard, and we want you to be rewarded for that work (creatively and financially)

-Contract Negotiations

We will always endeavour to negotiate and work with producers and casting directors to make sure you are paid fairly, and in line with (or above) industry standards. We have a good understanding of how wage structures and budgets work, and we know what is fair and reasonable. We will always work in your best interests.

-Finding the Work You Want

You will never be told to go to an audition for a project you are not interested in (regardless of the project), and you will never be treated unfairly. We want you to want the work you audition for, and if you don’t feel confident in a project, you won’t be pressured to attend an audition. Honesty is key at Avenue Management we want everyone to be happy. We are always on the side of our clients.

-Proactive Approach to Client Protection

We manage detailed databases to ensure you always get paid for expired usage on projects such as TV commercials. We know that quite often usage expires but the campaigns do not get removed, (especially in a world where online material is common), we check periodically that your work is not being used beyond the agreed contract, and when it is, we work to ensure you are paid fairly, and promptly. We know actors are missing out on thousands of pounds through exceeded usage, and at Avenue Management we work to ensure that is never the case for our clients.

-Extended Operating Hours

We feel the entertainment industry is more than a 10-6, Monday to Friday business. Unlike many agencies, we are happy to deal with client needs outside of general office hours. If you’re working, so are we! In our opinion, it is important to be reachable, and proactive, outside of regular business operating hours. We don’t want our clients to miss opportunities because we aren’t happy to answer the phone or read an email after 7pm!

-Understanding Personal Circumstances

We realise your personal circumstances can change, and when life throws you a curveball, we will always work with you to find a solution that works for everyone. We understand that there may be brief periods where you are unable to attend auditions or times where you can’t work in the entertainment industry at all. We will always be happy to discuss and understand these times with our clients, and to help them find a solution they are comfortable with.


For more information, to be considered for representation, please use our contact form on the 'contact us' page.

If seeking representation, please send your Spotlight link.